Phones with touch screens?

I'm interest in buying a phone with a touch screen (no keyboard), but I want to know is the touch screen as good as it is when the phone is first new? Are there any problems/delays down the road?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on you carrier, for AT&T, the iPhone is probably the best touch screen phone on the market without a doubt, the plans and data charges are very pricey though. Some new touch screen phones are for the HTC set. HTC has some great new phones. For Verizon, the HTC Droid Eris, is a great pick, it tends to be a bit laggy sometimes for some people. The Motorola Droid has dual touch screen and keyboard, it is a great phone and very stylish even though the keyboard is a bit flimsy for the average person and the phone is a bit to bulky, but try not to let that fool you. Touch screens usually stay good for an extended period of time, so if your on your 2 year plan, you will be fine. Still remember that with the touch screen, you may want to get screen protectors which every phone has a set. Hope that helps!

    Source(s): Corporate Staff at Best Buy
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    1 decade ago

    At first it's weird but you'll get used to it soon just like you did with the first cell phone you had or even the computer keyboard..

  • holtsr
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    4 years ago

    hhhmmm idkkk. i think of touch monitors are hecka legitt.... yet then my hands are like particularly grimy and when I devour i text textile so i dont desire to get grease throughout my telephone. :p haha in spite of the undeniable fact that it relies upon on the telephone. i admire the two.

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