Does the State of Missouri take babies into Custody if they test positive at birth for marijuana?

Our 20 year old daughter is pregnant & using drugs/alcohol. The list is long, but the main drug of choice seems to be marijuana, as she's been told they won't take our granddaughter into custody just for testing positive for that. How true is this? We are prepared to take the baby home with us & have been in contact with our local DFS/hospital. Does anyone have any personal experience with this in the last few weeks or months. She's being VERY evasive about her due date, so we are pretty much in the dark on when the baby is actually due, she's also cut ALL contact off with the family, saying we will NEVER see our grandchild. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You


I'm asking about DFS (Division of Family Services) taking custody & placing the baby w/us. Our hands R tied legally from getting her any type of help or rehab due to her age.

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    1 decade ago
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    one word scrapper. She needs to get her life back on track before she is normal. I bet the pregnancy was a mistake, this is true though. She will be a horrible mother on drugs. Marijuana causes serious brain problems. Look at the brain of a pothead, it has holes in certain parts (signifies mental problems) She needs rehab and isn't fit to have a child.

    You need to get your daughter help. She is heading down the path of a looser (if not already there) she's a pothead, on drugs, alcohol, and knocked up at 20.

  • Cheryl
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think you can take the child from her. In fact she can have you barred from the hospital. You have to prove that she has a unsuitable home, and that the child will be in danger with her. So, keep calling the DFS and giving them info. Maybe try to reconcile with your daughter just so you can get info. Make her think you are on her side. I hope you can get this baby, best of luck to you.

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