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How many troops are in a regiment?

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    It varies widely.

    A U.S. Army light infantry regiment consists of 2 battallions. But, technically they no longer exist, because a light infantry brigade used to have one regiment, but now they have two battallions, from two different regiments, which makes the whole concept of a regiment sort of ficticious. But for the sake of sanity, lets assume you mean two battallions, the infantry guys in a light infantry brigade.

    A light infnatry battallion consists of usually 3 line companies and a headquarters company. A light infnatry company consists of usually 3 platoons and a headquarters section, and a support/weapons section. A light infnatry platoon consists of 3 rifle squads and a usually a weapons/machine gun squad, but not always. A rifle squad is 9 guys. A weapons or machine gun squad is 6-10 guys. So a platoon is about 30-40 and a company is 100 to 150, and a battallion is about 450- 500, and a regiment is 1000 to 1200. If a regiment had 3 battallions, which is more traditional, it would have 1500 to 2000 guys.

    mechanized infnatry, cavalry, and armor platoons, companies/troops, battallions and regiemnts are very different. Armor and cavalry troops have about 80 men. tank or cavalry platoons may only consist of 12 guys, but there might be 4 platoons in a company or troop and any number of troops in a battallion, plus a about a 150-man headquarters company or troop. Mechanized infantry battallions can have any number of companies, with 4 platoons each, plus a about a 150-man headquarters company.

    There is uaually one regiment (really two battallions) in a brigade plus support units, like artillery, engineers, aviation, medical, psy ops, mps, etc., but traditionally, it could mean two regiments plus support. Army brigades are usually 2,500 to 5,000 men, without attachments, but attachments can bring the numbers up to 5,000 to10,000 in some cases.

    army basic training companies can have up to about 600 recruits in the army, with up to 150-man platoons, and there are about 6 companies in a training battallion, and up to10 in a training brigade.

    Then you have all kinds of support battallions and brigades and companies, which have varying meanings, but in the army a company is around 100, a battallion os 200 to 100, and a brigade is 500 to 5000.

    Marine squads are 16 men, and marine platoons usually have 4 squads and 65-70 men, and marine companies have about 250 men marine battallions have over 900-1000, and marine regiments have 3000-4000.

    So, a marine infantry line company = 2 army light infnatry army line companies, 2 mechanized infantry line companies, or 3 cavalry or armor line troops;

    a marine infantry battallion=two army light infnatry battallions or one to two armor, cavalry, or mechanized infantry battallions;

    and, a marine infnatry regiment=one army brigade

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    There is no definite number of soldiers per Regiment. A Cavalry Regiment would break down to several Squadrons containing several Troops with several Platoons/Flights consisting of several Squads. The Infantry uses the term "Regiment" as an affiliation. The actual structure, similar to the Cavalry, would be Brigade down to Battalion, then Company, Platoon, Squad and finally Team. My Infantry Regiment consisted of three Battalions of five Companies each with 100 to 150 soldiers per Company. You would also have to include the Brigade and Battalion staff and support personnel. This would range from 50 to 150 additional soldiers. I hope this helps.

    Source(s): 14 years experience active duty.
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    About 3,500, but it depends on they type of regiment.

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