Which Country should i study abroad in .?

Its part of a student abroad thing so i will be with a host family but i havent decided on the place yet.

the countries are France, Ecuador , Germany , Ireland, NEtherlands, Spain, Australia, Japan , Italy or china.

I actually was looking more towards Europe / asia so keep that in mind. But im interested in rich culture, fun entertainment, good sightseeings, maybe a lil english spoken their , good restruants, good shopping and a place with interest.

What country , please give me an explaination, and pros/cons of the place and just some genereal iinformation. thanks you

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    Tokyo, hands down.The best city for students.

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    It depends a lot on what language you want to study (and if it would be useful to you afterward). If you live in the United States, Ecuador or Spain would be the most beneficial since it is a big advantage to know Spanish. If you are not interested in learning another language, then Ireland or Australia are best (have been to Ireland and really enjoyed it, though keep in mind you will be wearing a fairly heavy coat in April and the weather is not so kind). Going anywhere in in Europe is geographically favorable since it allows the potential to travel to surrounding countries.

    After all that, if it were me, I would head to Germany, I studied German in school and have an unexplainable interested in the country, language and culture.

    Regardless of where you choose, it will be a great experience for you. I recommend reading the 'culture smart' guide (a series you can look up (and order), for example, 'culture smart Germany) for where you choose before going as it will provide a lot of useful information.

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    1. Germany

    2. Spain


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    There are another inquiries to respond to right here first: a million. is this for college or extreme college? 2. Are you mushy no longer understanding the interior sight tongue? 3. Do you need to use the status of the college you bypass to as a resume merchandise contained sooner or later? in case you elect for the first answer right here it fairly is: If for college, unfold your wings and seem to a none interior sight language college. The Europeans have been employing English with the aid of fact the language of employer for a pair hundred years now. you will constantly discover somebody to talk to in English in a pinch, however the submersion adventure is large in case you elect for to %.-up yet another language. nevertheless i could supply that gaining awareness of Spanish will do greater for then you understanding Swedish... If for top college, carry on with what you be attentive to, and don't set your self up for failure attempting to %. up yet another language while you're interpreting overseas. it fairly is as much as you nevertheless, as you may ok have the bandwidth to regulate regardless. once you're finding to apply the adventure as a resume merchandise contained sooner or later, i could recommend finding greater on the faculties and their classes, than which u . s . they are in. despite you elect for bear in mind that Europe is fairly no longer all that substantial; in reality, traveling between countries is plenty like traveling between states contained in the U. S.. it fairly is straightforward and comparatively low priced, counting on the mode of transportation you elect for. as quickly as you're taking the plunge over the Atlantic the problematical section is over and each little thing else is straightforward. superb of success,

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    China lmao.

    Good luck with that one.

    We all know they're tripping over themselves to let foreigners in.

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