How to properly divide our bills?

I am horrible at math so if anyone can help.

There are two people in total (Justin and Jessica)

The standard cost of living is..

Phone 100 (Justin Pays)

Ford Insurance 60 (Jessica Pays)

Hyundai Insurance 50 (Jessica Pays)

Groceries 200 (Divided)

Rent 430 (Divided)

Medical 120 (Jessica only - Does not involve Justin)

Electricity 40 (Justin Pays)

Cable and Internet 80 (Justin Pays)

Now the issue is, Jessica bought the phones for Justin and spent $80 which will be credited back to the phone bill, and the first months phone bill will be $300

What is the appropriate amount the two should spend for the first month, and then the static for all following months

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  • Alex
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    1 decade ago
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    This is a great homework question because you'll probably be in this situation in a few years. Forget about Jessica buying the phone for a minute. Make two columns, one side what Jessica pays and the other what Justin pays. Total the columns, then see who pays more and how much (subtract one total from the other) - this is how much one roommate owes the other. You'll also want to add the two column totals together to see how much they pay together. Assuming they split bills in equally (the question doesn't say), divide the total (of both columns) by 2 to see what each roommate pays on bills. The first month, Justin will owe Jessica another $80 on top of the static scenario.

    Even if someone else gives you the answer, work it out yourself to understand why it's the right answer. Seriously, learning this will serve you well later on.

  • linzey
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    4 years ago

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