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Why were people rioting the G20 summit in Toronto?

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    People riot at every G-whatever summit, dunno why it surprised anyone. The "black bloc" come to virtually every single one looking to cause destruction and mayhem. Read up on all on the past G7-8-20 meetings, all similar.

    It was not the common people rioting, but a small select group looking to cause problems.

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    @ Tyler The French were actually having a riot of their own - in Strasbourg, ahead of the NATO summit. I hate to admit it, but the froggies are world leaders at protesting and revolutions and all that stuff. In answer to the question - I think the protests were reasonably well covered. It didn't sound like there was too much rioting - which is a good thing, because there's a time and a place for riots and this wasn't it. The riots will probably break out spontaneously in a few big cities and spread quickly, but I don't mean only in Britain.

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    Because it was such a wastage of tax payers' money. People are loosing their jobs while rich leaders are sharpening their ego. A billion dollars can create lots of jobs. They should have G20 meeting in Medicine Hat next time because Toronto Police didn't do a good job . They set up police cruisers to be burnt by the rioters. It was an inside job, for the government to justify their out of control spending.

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    They're "peaceful hippies" who want an adrenaline rush.

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    Massive maple syrup shortages caused my the underwater delicious topping pipeline that has been leaking the past 2 months.

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