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Girls ONLY,please......?

I don't know if somethng's wrong with me but my boobs hurt.Is it because they're still growing or something..? I'm 13,turning 14 next week and i'm gonna start wearing those "A" cup bras later in the summer..i know i'm a late bloomer :/

What's wrong with them..?

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    I'm the same age as you and mine hurt quite a lot sometimes. I'm a late bloomer too :) and i get the mickey taken out of me for having small boobs by boys when all my friends are like DD's. I just want you to know that your not the only one.

    I hope this made you feel a little better ;)


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    That's really normal. When you're breasts start to grow they hurt, sometimes its due to too much pressure against then or the muscle is just sore. VERY normal and everyone goes through it. The only other possiblity is pregnancy for around the nipple area but I doubt you're pregnant.

    I'm turning 15 in a few months and currently wear an A cup.. they used to ache a lot and then grew (just a bit) but enough. You're not a late bloomer btw haha.. a lot of girls shoot up at a VERY late age so its normal. (: Good luck and don't worry!

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    It's just growing pains, also if you do running or jumping it can sometimes hurt. You should try a sports bra or a padded bra just until the pain stops. If they feel sore just go into the toilets and give them a gentle rub, if you are at home put a hot water bottle on them you can make it just look like you are hugging the bottle when you are doing this just pull your knees up near your chest and put your arm aroung your legs.

    Hope they stop hurting soon.

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    your not as a late bloomer as me. Yes , when they hurt it means they are growing and also when they are pointy hehe. Um, I never had that much pain from it though and I am a very late bloomer. I'm 16 and still an A

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    Nothing is wrong with them, they are just growing and telling you to give them more room! Get a little bit of a bigger bra if when your wearing your A cup size, they still hurt.

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    nothing is wrong with them!! its so normal for your boobs to hurt at this age. im 16 and even mine still hurt! i was a late bloomer too and even now im only a B cup! dont worry its comepletely normal, it just means you're still growing x

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    Unfortunatly hun that is life you will find you body does all sorts of things like that. What till your older and having babies your feet might grow. You don't know what boob pain is until your milk comes in after having a baby.

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    Their still growing. Trust mine hurts to.

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    yea thats sooo normal. im ur age too. and that happenes all the time. just ur age.....welcome to teen yrs honey! lol


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    That's normal. lf you have had your period, it is also a sign that they're coming. You are growing. :)

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