What does someone joining the military expect to gain out of it?

What skills do you have that you would really like to make better? Can you take directions from someone you do not like?

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    I was in the Air Force for 6 years. It was a great opportunity for me. They sent me to school to get skills I did not have. I got on the job experience. I learned how to work in a team. It is an awesome opportunity I think for anybody young who needs some direction in life. You learn that's its not about taking orders from people you don't like. They teach you to see the bigger picture. Every person has to pull there weight to make it work. Yeah I had some real douche bags that I HATED giving me orders but at the end of the day I was making good money, had my own place, went out with my friends and had a really good life. Now that I am out I have no trouble finding work and I know how to work hard and complete a job. I hope this answers your question.

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    It has nothing really to do with skills!

    It's a life decision to make a difference!!! To change the way things are.

    And to get a life you can be proud of. It is not a way that can be chosen by everyone, but it is for most people very fulfilling to know they can make a difference, as well as protect this country

    And lizzy..Yes, I lived in Heidelberg and went to school there for my senior year and it was one of the best times I had!!

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    I hoped to get the following out of being in the Navy:





    General Life experience

    Chance to do something different from everyone else.

    Steady paycheck.

    So far? Mission accomplished.

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