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Why is my hamster eye itchy and sore?

I have a russian dwarf hammy and a day or so ago her eye closed up and she was itching it and yesterday it was red but today its just closed. i think it might be her bedding she has: wood shavings and fluff. please answer. thanx xx

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    Much like the first answer, she could have had an allergic reaction. never use saw dust, pine or cedar shavings, paper towels, napkins, etc for the bedding. please switch to CARE FRESH, KAYTEE KA-BOB, or ASPEN.

    Have a great day! =D

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    Yes is it contagious regardless of who the service or the reciever is. Conjunctivitis is "Pink Eye" for the ones that do not recognize. You must defend your self through washing your palms entirely after handing the animal or any of it is assets. Also, you must take further care in maintaining the cage, toys, meals dish, and water bottle wiped clean throughout the contamination. If you're already experiencing sore itchy eyes, then you definitely must pass to the medical professional or well being hospital immediatly for healing, as you might additionally unfold it to others round you. Good success and God Bless!

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    She may have a allegic reaction like you said to the bedding change the bedding to carefresh the soft kind because if she had aspen then it may have poked her eye or went in it maybe take it to the vet and see what they can do!GOOD LUCK!

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