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What should you do when you realize you're depressed?

It started a few weeks after summer vacation began. At first I was just really lonely and kind of listless and eventually I started having trouble sleeping and waking up. Then I went to this summer camp thing for a week and I just had some really bad luck. Like my roomate never showed up so I was stuck in this dark dorm room for hours by myself every day. I started having these really weird thoughts all the time and I felt like I just couldn't talk to anyone. I didn't feel like myself. I felt like the most underconfident and insecure I've ever been in my life. I just cried all the time, every night, the whole week.

I think I need anti-depressants but I don't know how to talk to my mom about it. Depression runs in her family and her mother had borderline personality disorder so she kind of prefers to avoid the subject and knowing her, I doubt she will take anything I say seriously.

In short- what will it take to get over this?



I'm 14 years old.

Update 2:

It wasn't PMS because I had skipped it.

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    Hey! Just wanted you to know its not unusual for teens to expierence this I myself have gone through it.

    let your mom or dad, or parent know what you are feeling and then ask them to make a doctors appointment for you. Unless you are able to make one and get to the doctor on your own.

    At the appointemnt they will just talk to you. ask you questions you should be as honest with them as possible because it helps them understand more about your situation.

    They may or may not give you medication or may just ask you to seek cousouling which is what they put as their number one choice for me.

    Hope this helps! feel better soon!

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    Sweetie, there are a few things that may help you feel better. With or without medication, DO these!

    1) Excersice at least 1 hour a day. (it will release ENDORPHINS in your brain, those are the 'happy' nuerotransmitters, will TRULY make you feel better! This goes for depressed, and not depressed the same. Its proven!!

    2) Eat healthy. That means fruit and veggies, at least 5-7 a day and healthy protien like chicken, tofu, cheese... Dont eat alot of sugar and greasy food if you can.

    Your mother, no matter how icky she feels discussing mental health issues about relatives, would absolutely WANT to HELP you!! Sometimes people give an imppression of their feelings that are not meant to be interpretted that way, you know? Maybe she acts weirded out because SHE has fought depression and is embarressed, or feels guilty she didn't help that family member... who knows?? But I KNOW, (I have 14 and 16 yr old girls, and a 30 yr old that sometimes needs medication for depression) SHe will WANT to help you Baby. Talk to her. :) Hugs and love to you, it will pass eventually, but quicker with help. Hang in there!

    Source(s): Mental health issues in my family 2!
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    Talk to a doctor. If not a doctor than a school nurse, parents, even teachers can help. But your best bet is to try to get in contact with a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Many Blessings! I know how you feel, this to shall pass!

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    You could have been homesick.Do you feel any better now?

    All you can do is try and talk to your Mom about it.It's the only way to get the help you might need.

    With mental illness in the family depression might not be something you can just get over.You will need to see a doctor to find out.So please try to talk to your Mom only she or your Dad can take you to a doctor.They need their consent to treat you.Good Luck.I hope you feel better soon

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    Go straight to the doctor.

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