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How can I control my mood swings?

It's NOT pms by the way, but I just always have mood swings..

like sometimes I'll be really grumpy and won't bother to reply when someone talks to me, or I'll be too lazy to explain or repeat something two or three times and my parents will say that I'm being rude.

other times when I'm in a good mood, I'm all happy and generous which is great but then when I start doing something like playing a game or watching a movie and I'm concentrated, I get really annoyed when someone starts talking.

I try to think before I speak coz sometimes I'll start argueing with my parents over something really silly but it doesn't work!? what should i do?

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    Sounds like you have a case of teenageritis. There is no cure, well, besides growing up.

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    I used to be like you. The way I handeld and got over it was learning to be more positive and surround yourself with positive influences. Before I used to be happy one minute then a second later I would instantly changed and be angry, upset or frustrated and I wasn't sure why. I would annoy and confure people and I occasionally fell out with friends and family and lost all trust. I would put my earphones in multiple times a day at school to just block people out who pissed me off. You should listen to your inner self more, I never used to listen to what my heart was saying but I would listen to what I was saying like if I needed to sleep and I wanted to stay up and do something then I would do that instead of sleeping and then I would pay the coinsequences the next day. I just learnt its not worth it and you have tomorrow to do things that you dont want to or need to do today. I felt alot better and felt as though pressure had been lifted off my shoulders, then I decided being positive was a good idea and that helped to make me more of a happier, positive person. These days I just listen to what I truly need and want, and I have slightly more energy and a better perspective on life.

    So just try to learn to view the positives of every situation, that everything happens for a reason so dont take it out on other people or yourself. Do what the inner you tells you, the conscience or whatever you want to call it. Eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly - this can play a big part in moods. Exercise lets out endorphines which is a feel good chemical in your body so it makes you feel alot better. When I had bad moodswings I wasn't doing barely any exercise so it does make a big change once you get into the habit of it.

    If all else fails, you may be depressed or have some sort of mental disorder like Bipolar or Borderline. You can go to your doctor or a counsellor/therapist for more information and how to get help. For depression, you can have a choice between therapy and drugs but they only give you drugs if you are highly or severly depressed. So try all what I have advised and be sure to give it your all. Don't waste your life in this depressing state.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    That's one of the peculiar things about bad moods - we often fool ourselves and create misery by telling ourselves things that simply are not true.

    Dr. David D. Burns

    I bought a book that this guy wrote it's call "Feeling Good Manual"

    Also check this out:

    Step 1

    Look at what's going on in your life or is on the radar. Be aware of the various factors--an important meeting, a recently-ended relationship, bills due--and keep these stresses in mind to avoid directing anger or frustration towards other people.

    Step 2

    Plan ahead. How will you handle the difficult circumstances when they arise? Don't leave yourself on an island without any options. Similarly, if you are trying to help someone else handle their mood swings, be prepared for the worst. Don't take their words to heart if they're pointed at you, and remember the therapy you are trying to provide.

    Step 3

    Get active. Physical activity releases endorphins that make people happier. It also releases stress and can provide you with quiet time in peaceful settings if you pursue activities such as running or biking.

    Step 4

    Acknowledge when your mood swings are getting the best of you. It won't alleviate the mood swings, but it will help those around you understand where you are coming from and be more sympathetic.

    Step 5

    Lean on friends and family. Many people who become overwhelmed with stress are hesitant to accept help from other people, or they feel they need to do everything themselves. Let someone else worry from time to time and take a vacation from your problems.

    Step 6

    Avoid looking too far into the future--or at too much at once. Bite off what you can chew. Break things down into manageable challenges and pick them off one by one.

    Source(s): Read more: How to Handle Mood Swings |
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