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what would you do in my situation [GIRLS]?

theres this girl i fancy whos from another class .

we have classes together 3 times a week . mondya , wed , friday in the big lecture theathre ( 150 people )

I`ve talked to her a few times and shes pretty shy . and if so , what should i say ? i dont wanna freak her out or anything

The problem is .. on mondya , i tried to talk toher but i was blocked by 2 people . so i shouted her name once . No response . one more time . No response.

I walked away , not wanting to embarrass myself any further .

thing is .. why did she ignore me ? i havent said anything offensive to her before and im not unattrative , im pretty good looking actually .

If shes ignoring me .. should i talk to her again on friday after lecture ?

what am i doing wrong ?

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    Mabye she legitimately didnt hear you? Or mabye she is even shyer than you think... I say try again for sure. Girls appreciate effort. :)

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    I dont think she is ignoring you....maybe she was embarrassed you were shouting for her in front of all those people. Or maybe she just didnt hear you. Try just to talk to her about the lecture or something relevant that you both can relate too. Dont give up yet. If you go up to her and straightforward say Hi and she doesnt reply or acts like she didnt hear THEN she is ignoring you.

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    Okay, so she's shy. She might not feel comfortable talking to guys so just give her some space or something. Maybe just say hi when you see her and slowly start proceeding in conversation like, How are you? Or compliments that aren't too 'desperate' like, Nice hair or I like the way you've styled your hair. I don't know, just don't stalk her or anything too creepy.

    Source(s): I'm a girl and that's what I would prefer a guy to do to me...
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    its not important keep it moving no 1 person is that important

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