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can anyone this out.....?

Okay i need to know in water terms how much is much water is that ?

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    Emma, a percentage is an equivalent of a fraction. To know how much 3% of something is, we need to know WHAT that something is!

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    Will this help?

    How much is in 100% of the container.

    Divide that by 100.

    Multiply by 3.

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    3/4 of a cup

    Source(s): Hint: need more info. 3% of WHAT?
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    OK 3% water in what there are allot of possible answers for that

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    in 1 litre of water, that is 30 ml

    (approx, 6 teaspoons for 2 pints)

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    Almighty created this universe in six days, humans in half day and seven skies in two days. Before this creation His chair was on water.

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    that depends on the whole........

    and is this really r&s?

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