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do yall know any good come-backs?

my brother is a total ***, he fights and shouts at me for like real stupid things, and my heart races all the time im so mad, and i dont want no heart attack, so can yall help me think of "comebacks" to make him leave me alone? here r some of the things he says:

1. "you little sh i t" ( he's frukin younger than me :P )

2. "is that the only comeback you have?!"

3. he always says " your not cool" when i think of some thing witty or clever to come back at him with

4.he does these stupid immetations of me

5. he says i cuss WAY to much, when he is the one who cusses after everything he says.

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    Come-back to:

    1- " HA, your pathetic, think im stopping down to your level, get a life little boy. "

    2- " ermmm nah, have you learnt how to use your weapon yet"

    3- " i wouldn't want you to think i'm cool, i'm not trying to impress you thanks :) "

    4- " ha, very mature"

    5- " HA, tough **** ;) "

    ermm try them :)

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    I'm not cool? well you're not so hot yourself.

    Empty wagons rattle most (referring to his talking).

    If I wanted any sh*t out of you I'd squeeze your head.

    If I wanted you to bark I'd pull your chain.

    When he does stupid imitations of you, just tell him "that's an improvement of how he usually looks" or "you're just jealous".

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    hows about you say "yes dear, may i please have another"

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