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What type of pet is the best and why? (no dogs or cats. something like hamster, gerbil, rat, etc.)?

Please tell me which animal like a hamster, gerbil, rat, mouse, etc is best to keep as a pet and why?

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    bunnies because they will love u forever

    it will let u hold it

    they are so furry


    a guinea pig they squeak when they are hungry

    and they are so calm u can play games with them like

    chase it. it will run.

    hope i helped

    Source(s): i have bunnies and guinea pigs
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    I would say that gerbils are a good choice. They are active, friendly and are awake during the day most of the time (unlike hamsters). They are easy to look after, relatively smart and really sweet!

    Rats and ferrets are really intelligent and fun but need a lot of attention to ensure they don't get bored and become destructive.

    Guinea pigs are a great pet too but they aren't the most exciting of pets.

    Source(s): Owned lots of rodents
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    Gerbils make great pets. They're not nocturnal like hamsters so they're awake during the day and if you keep them in a glass tank filled with sawdust, they're interesting to watch while they dig tunnels. Also, if they're in a large tank with sawdust, they only need cleaning out every two to three months. (Yes, this is correct- I've been keeping them for about 20 years).

    Do make sure you get a pair, though, as they hate being on their own. If you take the time to tame them, they're friendly little things too.

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    I'd go with a rat. I bought two a while ago to prove to my boyfriend that they are really cute and lovable. Boy did I show him! Like other people have said, rats are really smart animals and bond to humans really well. They're super quiet too. I'd have to say the only bad thing about them is the fact that they are so prone to respiratory problems, so make sure you get a really healthy one from a breeder.

    Don't get hamsters, mice, or anything along those lines. They may look really cute, but once you take them home, they are unfriendly, biting little demons. I'd know.

    Source(s): I've got 3 dumbo rats! One is hairless.
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    any small furries would make great pets!

    You must remember that hamsters, mice, rats etc are nocturnal so they wont give you much entertainment during the day as they will be sleeping! although they are all easy to look after!

    Gerbils can be great fun and are easy to keep!

    Rabbits need enough room for exercising and as long as they are handled regularly they make great pets! Flop earred rabbits tend to be better with children as they tend to be more 'lazy'!!

    Guinea Pigs can make great pets they to will need space to exercise! just remember to have a towel on your lap if you hold them as they tend to toilet on you!!

    Hope that helps! and you enjoy which ever pet you decide to get!

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    I wouldn't mess with rabbits. I've had two and they were just way too much trouble. They chew everything, pee in their feed box, and make a ton a poo.

    That aside, I would DEFINITELY recommend a rat. They're easy to care for, extremely smart, and are always awake during the day. They can be trained just like a dog, and are very fun to mess with!

    Source(s): Experiance
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    Ive owned every pet that you listed except gerbils, and they're all wonderful, but my definite top favorite is rats.

    Rats are extremely smart, clean animals. (You still need to clean them frequently, at LEAST once a week, but they groom themselves often, and given the proper cage/ventilation, they give off very little odor)

    I suggest reading up on them to see if they'd suit you, and what you need to provide them with if you get rats (For instance it's best to get 2 of the same sex, they're very sociable).

    Source(s): Edit -- Allie is right. I'd stray as far away from rabbits as you possibly can. They're cute and furry and all that nonsense, but rabbits leave 200-300 rabbit droppings PER DAY. That's alot of cleaning (or alot of stink, if you dont clean it enough).. I have 2, and they've destroyed *countless* electrical cords, bed spreads, desks, my old school nintendo, carpet, rugs, dvd covers, books etc etc etc. They've done thousands of dollars worth of damage.
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    I suggest a guinea pig,I had a guinea pig.She was easy to take care of and they're really loveable.They're great for your family too I heard,They really like attention too..I think.But a guinea pig is a good idea:)

    Source(s): Guinea pig owner
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    A pet rock

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    Rats :).

    They are highly intelligent, very affectionate, and bond so well with people that its amazing! They are frequently referred to as "dogs of the rodent world" and I'd believe it!

    I have to boys and I absolutly adore them. They are so smart and sweet, and they love their mommy, the treat giver. xD

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    Guinea Pigs are really great pets. They are adorable and not that hard to take care of. Also they are loads of fun. =)

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