What do u think of this situation? Am i bad person?

Well, i am 14 and i like one boy(14) a lot but he has a lots of girls around him. He was so mean to me first but he is quite good at me now. But we barely talk. I know his facebook and yahoo passwords. and he does not know that i knoe his passwords. I dont do anything bad to him and his facebook etc, I just go through what he has done etc coz i am not friends wid him; because i am too afraid to add him. But one day, when i was going through his facebook, one girl said "hey sexy biatch" and it made me angry(maybe jealous) and i replied "stop flirting with me and go away" from his behalf. I felt bad about so i havent used his facebook and yahoo passwords for a WHILE.

One day, i was on my facebook and i was writing a love message to him which i know i was not going to send it for him coz i am shy and quiet. But then accidently i clicked sendd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like screaming and then used his password again and deleted that message fortunately.

also, when i was on my facebook, i added him as a friend which i did not want to then i tried to use his password to delete this request but i could not coz his pass was changed. So i made him a new password using his yahoo and deleted that request. I KNOW I AM SO SADD. But i dunnoooooo/. what do u think?

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  • 1 decade ago

    No you are not a bad person. But you seem to be a stalker, and OBSESSED!!!.. That is invading someone else's privacy. That is sooo wrong on sooo many levels. How could you do that?!?? If he doesnt seem interested in you, then just leave it alone. I know that is hard to hear, but you dont want to seem desparate. Please leave his accounts, and passwords alone. PS. How in the heck did you get his passwords?

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