How to reduce fuel consumption in City?

Some one told me if u shift into neutral while at a redlight it will save fuel. They also mentioned that if u drive in 3rd gear instead of overdrive it will improve mileage. I think neither is true what do yall think?

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    I drive a manual so I'm always in neutral when I'm stopped. If you are going to be stopped at a red light for a while it's best to turn off the car. Some modern fuel efficient cars do this automatically even while you are coasting.

    Driving in overdrive decreased fuel efficiency, I always try to drive in the highest gear I feel comfortable in.

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    There are big things that you can do, and there are small things that you can do.

    You are talking about the smaller things - the big ones might include park and ride systems - car park on the outskirts and a free bus to town, dedicated bus lanes and improved mass public transport systems. Also look at getting smaller cars, smaller is lighter, and more fuel efficient - no need for a 6 litre engine if you are doing 20 mph.

    Small things - things you can do now:

    Drive Easy.... smooth acceleration and anticipate red lights to allow a smooth stop rather than race from the lights and brake hard again

    Empty the car of excess weight - all the stuff you carry with you costs fuel (keep the essentials though - spare tyre and so on)

    Car pool - use the car every other day

    Neutral at a red light is good in an automatic, otherwise holding the clutch in will have the same effect

    Fill up with only 1/2 tank at a time, not fill it to the top

    Keep the tyre pressure correct (about 30psi)

    On fast roads, stick to the speed limit, don't speed generally

    Avoid short journeys (anything less than a mile is pointless)

    Hope that helps a bit

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    You want to always run in the highest gear you engine can handle. The higher the gear, the slower the engine rpms and the less fuel consumed.

    At a stop light to save the most fuel stop the engine.

    After that, drive as slow as you can for the traffic speed, avoid rapid acceleration.

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