How can I get my Quaker Parrot to stop biting?

I have had my parrot for about a year and i love him very much but sometimes he will bite me and it really hurts! I don't think he means too but does anyone know why he mite be doing this or how I can stop him from doing it? Maybe I am not spending enough time with him, how much time should I spend with him each day? Thank you!!!(:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try to spend as much time as possible with him. Let him out of the cage and just let him hang out with you. One year old is still young and he's learning. They use their beaks for everything - and also to express their emotions - anger, fear, and sometimes love as they don't realize the power of their love bites! My Quaker is very affectionate. When he bites I yell 'Ow that hurts!' It makes him stop and it seems like he tries to be gentler after. He even says 'I'm sorry' now! They are great companions. Very smart - just handle him as much as possible

    Source(s): Owned by a Quaker for 4 years
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    5 years ago

    The Quaker is cage bound. You can try opening the cage and letting it come out on its own. The parrot needs to come out every day. Try putting its favorite toy or a treat cup on top of the cage as an incentive. The only other thing is to continue to be patient and not react to the aggression when you take it out. The parrot will soon enjoy coming out of the cage. It's just scared of what could be outside. It will take time for her to adjust.

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    I've hear parrots like to get a reaction, good or bad, when they are getting feisty, so I'm not sure yelling helps. With my parrot the most common reason it bites is when you get it to "step up" to your finger but move your hand to close and too fast and startle her. If others handle your bird I've found first impressions to be very important, move smoothly, gently and speak softly too.

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