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Winners of the quarter finals with 100% accuracy?

Ghana (population 23 million) > Uruguay (population 3 million)

Brazil (population 192 million) > Netherlands (population 16 million)

Germany (population 81 million) > Argentina (population 40 million)

Spain (population 46 million) > Paraguay (population 6 million)

These matches will be fixed by FIFA and match officials. In a very obvious fix we witnessed yesterday, Spain (46 million) > Portugal (11 million)

FIFA is all about the tv ratings. They always back up these countries because of it. It's all about the money. You can praise me later when all these predictions are correct.


@ChrisH Use some common sense. USA is not popular with football. Their population may be huge but only a small fraction of them watch the world cup.

@Alex FIFAs decisions dont always go their way. In 2006, France was suppose to take the world cup. Italy got lucky on penalties and Sepp Blatter was too upset to go up on the podium and congratulate Italy. The plan was backfired.

In this case, it went to penalties again.. You cant fix a penalty shootout.

In regards to any other group stage matches, the fixing only begins during the knockout rounds. Why does FIFA announce the referees as the tournament moves along? If the dates and times are pre-set, why cant the referees be?

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    By the way, what was your predicition for the game

    Japan (population 128 million) > Paraguay (population 6 million)?

    ********* EDIT ***************

    Ghana (population 23 million) > Uruguay (population 3 million) 1-1 (penalty kicks 2 - 4)

    Brazil (population 192 million) > Netherlands (population 16 million) 1 - 2

    Germany (population 81 million) > Argentina (population 40 million) 4 - 0

    Spain (population 46 million) > Paraguay (population 6 million) 1 - 0.

    Looks like FIFA supports bigger countries on Saturdays and smaller countries on Fridays. Anyway, your prediction is 50% accurate. Not better than a random guess.

  • Red E3
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    If it were all about the ratings they would fix a China Vs USA final to increase the revenue from areas where they make less money. The rest of the world would watch because they always have.

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    I think this is just a coincidence.

    I agree with all of them except Ghana vs. Uruguay. I think that Uruguay will win (even though I'm for Ghana).

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    That's ridiculous! and when Argentina beat Germany ,what do you have in your mouth to say ?

    come here on Saturday and tell us you were just fool

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    Where is the US?

    and why didn't china qualify with their billion inhabitants?

  • Anonymous
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    no Argentina will beat Germany.

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