Why won't my PS3 play videos on the web browser anymore?

Before my PS3 was ok with playing Mega Video and Veoh, but now it will play it, but with no visual effects just audio its completely blank whats the deal? I want to watch my animes again!

2 Answers

  • linzey
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    eleventh: PS3 has actual 1080p photograph the place via fact the 360 has "faux" 1080p. The 360 is 720p with some traces doubled so it reaches the faux 1080p. PS3 has 1080 separate traces. twelfth: PS3 has a number of the perfect sound high quality obtainable, 7.a million audio. 360 does not. thirteenth: the 360 will scratch your video games for you! no ought to even eliminate your video games from the tray to get all of them helpful and destroyed. Any reasonable vibrations or bumps and you pay attention the o so helpful *cruuunch* *Griiiind* sound, and prefer magic your variety new interest has a perfect circle seared into it quite is floor. The PS3 has blu ray discs, that are VERY scratch resistant, and that they keep so plenty greater archives than a regular disc, someplace close to 50g if i keep in mind wisely. i've got had the two structures and enjoyed the two. yet after my 360 failed for the third time i did no longer purchase yet another. i certainly have been given bored with Msoft robbing me blind. I worked retail in a video interest save so I have been given to handle Msoft on a on a daily basis foundation, and it became -no longer- relaxing. by ability of the time you end determining to purchase each and every of the bells and whistles for the 360 you have spent plenty extra money than in case you purely offered a PS3 and had each and every of the bells and whistles lined. P.S. custom soundtracks are on the way for the PS3.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    same happened to me, i cant go on youtube

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