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How can I get my parents to let me have a Facebook?

At first I thought that Facebook was stupid but soon I found out that everyone in my grade had one and I felt left out so I asked my parents but they won't let me. They know that I won't put anything on it thats to private and with all the privacy settings that are on there I know I'll be fine. But I think that they won't let me have one because my one friend got her Facebook hacked. How can I convince them that Facebook isn't that bad?


I'm 14, so I'm old enough to have one.

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    i think that different parents have different parenting skills/ways. If you really really really want one, who's to say you have to tell them you've created one? I'm presuming that you have a personal email account. If so, I would say that there is the same amount of risk or even more risk having an email account because when you start having banking details on there or start purchasing things online, if that gets hacked there will be a lot more personal information at stake.

    Good luck

    when you get one you can add me lol

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    if you know somebody who there facebook settings is set so when u search them all they see is gender and age. the'll realize that thats all you can see on there profile and tell them you'll do dthat too

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    Tell them your school has started using Facebook to post assignments/coursework etc and you need it to keep up to date!

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    Make one without them knowing.

    You can set your profile so that it can't be seen if searched, that way if even if they check to see if you have one they won't be able to see it.

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