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Calories help please!?

Well..I'm around 170 pounds and I would like to lose some weight.

I was thinking I can run for an hour on Monday to Thursday...So, how much calories do you burn each hour? I know calories burn faster when you run so I wanna lose weight fast...

Any suggestions too? Thanks

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    ..... this might help you

    BMR calculator..

    find out how many calories you burn a day doing squat naturally

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    Calories burn faster when you run but you don't burn anymore than walking. If you ran 1 mile and walked 1 mile you would burn the same amount. It would just be faster running.

    1 hour of running would burn apprx. 600 - 900 calories.

    Not a lot considering the amount of work required.

    It's better to cut back some on the daily caloric intake and exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

    If you're not used to running you will not be able to run for 1 hour. That endurance takes time to build up to. Also after the first run you would be so sore you wouldn't be running for at least 4 days.

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    It varies depending on weight, height, age and sex. Google, "Activity calorie calculator" and you'll find all sorts of calculators to find out how much you're burning.

    Also, has 'body by glamour' for free, it's got a food journal, calorie calculator, etc...

    Good luck and way to go for taking initiative! :o)

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