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Which move would you rather NOT see at WrestleMania: Shawn Michaels WM Moonsault or Undertaker's Annual Dive?

I'm not being bias, but i gotta for with Undertaker's Annual Dive, although it is a great move to see, but i just think Shawn Michaels' WrestleMania Moonsault is better and plus it sends chills down my spine, what about you?

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    Undertaker's Annual Dive. I always liked Shawn Michael's moonsault more and found it more impressive.

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    Undertaker's Annual Dive

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    I would rather not see Shawn's Moonsault because although it is great Undertakers dive is amazing how many 300 ponders do you know that can get that much height and speed on a dive like that

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    Shawn Michaels moonsault. It's an easy move to pull off, no matter how big you are (Look at Vader for example), whereas how many people Undertaker's size, age and weight can pull off a big leap like that?

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  • I rather not see undertakers annual dive, because i mean its only special because hes not a high flyer if someone like evan bourne were to do it it wouldnt even be impressive, but the moonsault no matter who does it its awesome and sometimes hell do it threw a table and thats jus crazy

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    HBK's Moonsault. I wait every WM to see if Taker's going to do his Dive. Plus it's so much more exciting. How many 300lbers you know that can dive over the ropes like that and never touch the ropes? People get so excited when Taker dives over the ropes because we don't know whether he's going to pull it off or not.

  • Shawn Michaels WM Moonsault is the reason that the undertaker cant wrestle he get injured because of it in the first time

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  • TBH? Mark Henry's belly dancing.

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    i like hbk moonsault more.

    taker's move is so repetitive

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