what do you guys think of this tattoo idea for just ?finishing chemo?

i just finished chemotherapy, after a year, i did not have cancer, when i get the ok from my doctor i plan on getting a tattoo on the back of my left shoulder. i was thinking "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger" tell me what you think, and i would like to hear any other ideas

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its a great idea, but I would hold out on putting ink into your body after having radiation therapy. The inks sometimes cause an allergic reaction anyway, so you are super sensitive right now and your reaction could be worse. I would spend some time researching tattoo ink and discuss it with your doctor.

    It would suck for that tattoo that means so much to you, to end up being a disaster.

    Source(s): I have tattoo sleeves and have experience with dyes not working and reactions from ink due to these tattoos.
  • 5 years ago

    Tattoos that have personal meaning are far better than 'I'll have what's in fashion' ones. If you think your going to have more done in the future it might be worth kind of roughly planning the lot. Just so they can flow and really enhance your body. People make the mistake of having different ones everywhere. This looks patchy and unflattering. The prob is they home in on the individual ones rather than looking at the whole picture. Having a link or a flow around your body will make them and you look better. Girls will love it as it has meaning.

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    Congratulations on finishing chemo.I went through the same thing only I lost my larynx. I survived. Don't brag quite yet. Cancer has a way of coming back. Once your system has dealt with it you need at least 5 clear years before you can think about being truly clean. Take the money for the tattoo and donate it to a children's hospital. Do some good, be grateful, think about someone else.

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    That is a really good idea. The placement and everything. Especially with what you have been through. You're amazing and an inspiration. Make sure someone goes with you though to make sure they spell everything right. And eating a snicker bar right before will subside some of the pain. I hope this helped. Good luck :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Thats Great! have it in latin, spanish or chinese in a black ink, and a nice font that way you know what it says and people have to ask you what it means - this also shows that they are intrested in you and have notised your amazing Tattoo =D

    Source(s): I love text tattoos.
  • 1 decade ago

    ooh that's a good idea and CONGRATES that the lord for chemo another life has been saved. you should get it i would its a nice line and it fitts in your situation!!!

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