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My ex 'sex buddy" is doing the most bizarre things...?

Wow, I have this guy I used to be involved with, we mutually broke it off, late last year, since then, he prank calls my phone, sends me fake facebook friend requests, hes also made up fake facebook profiles with my name and his last name, and then putting things that I ve texted him on these pages, and putting like how he wants to perform oral sex on me, and how I have the fattest p**** in the world, then hes friends are somehow involved too, hes like talking about me to people,like all his freinds and stuff know about me whom I never met personally..then hes having like mail and stuff sent to my address with his last name lol...this has been going on for months..Why is he doing this?Is he mad, sad, upset,..I dont get it

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    Trying to get your attention in an extremely immature, potentially harmful way.

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