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Im 16 and i still wet the bed i really wanna stop.?

I hate the fact that i still wet the bedI dont know why this is still happening even though i have not drank anything before 6pm but for some reason i still pee. Can anybody please give me some tips please.

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    I agree with the other answerers who advise you to get to a doctor, and that this COULD be either a physical problem or a psychological problem; in either case, your worrying about it--which is quite reasonable and understandable!--probably isn't helping you, unfortunately. :-(

    It seems that you might be either a _very_ sound sleeper, or that you don't have a good sense of when you "need to go", which might well require some sort of Kegel-like exercises for men, to try to build up the musculature involved in this.

    I'm sorry you are having such problems; may the Lord bless you in your journey to fix this problem.

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    There are some pills you can find in RideAid...that there sweet,small and they help you stop..hope you can find them? The reason why your still wetting the bed is maybe because you have a bladder a doctor for that...

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    You should see a doctor. It could be physical or it could be psychological. I wet the bed until I was 12, but got treated psychologically and was cured.

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    Set an alarm to wake your self up half way thru the night, or ask someone else to do it. You most likely sleep so soundly you can't wake yourself up to go. you'll grow out of it. My brother had the same problem. But he don't do it anymore. That's how my mom helped him. hope this helps

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    have you talked to your doctor about this? it is possible it is some sort of medical condition. in the mean time you could buy those Depend underwear so your bed doesn't get wet.

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    Yes..must see the Doctor..or try to set alarm around 12 and more time..

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    right before you go to sleep you should use the bathroom..... even if you didn't drink anything after 6pm

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