How can I get a red juice stain out of my Carpet?

I have gone over it a couple of times with a carpet cleaner but it wont come out! Its driving me nuts!!! Help please


By the way it has been set in for a few weeks now. I tried to clean it when it first spilled and have been trying ever since.

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    warm water and salt

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    The red juice dyed the carpet. It is actually called an acid dye, and is very similar to the dyes used to color the carpet at the mill. Professional carpet cleaners carry a product called Red Relief on there cleaning vans. The stain is first rinsed and extracted to remove all of the cleaners applied to the stain by the home maker. Red Relief is then trigger sprayed on the stain and gently worked into the fibers with a brush. A damp white terry cloth towel is placed over the stain and then the stain is steamed with an iron. Sometimes the stain has to be treated 2 or 3 times. The red dye will move up into the terry cloth towel as a yellow stain. The solution, Red Relief is then rinsed and extracted from the carpet. When you are ready to have your carpets professionally cleaned by a cleaner using the hot water extraction process, ask them if they are bringing Red Relief, or it's equivalent, when they come, as you have a red food grade acid dye stain. Go to to locate a certiffied, insured, pro.

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    Start with Dawn dish washing detergent - the original blue type. Add five or six drops to two cups of warm water. Dampen a white cotton cloth with this solution and lay it over the stain. Then place a clothes iron on top of it, set on "low".

    Let this sit for fifteen minutes, and don't press down. The red stain will start to wick up into the cloth. You should see red on the cloth. Fold it to use a clean part or apply a new cloth, and repeat the process.

    It takes patience to get red stains out of carpet, but even year-old Kool Aid stains have been removed using this method. Repeat the process again and again until there is no more transfer of the red stain to the cloth. Rinse the spot with water, blot it up, and dry it quickly. Quick drying prevents any stain deeper down from wicking up to the surface.

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    try spotshot

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