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what are the effects of breaking a hymen at like age four yrs?

if someone was to take your hymen at the age of around 4 to 8 nd has no memory of it or those four years of life wat are the side effects does it include memory loss


if a hymen is taking at a very very young age considering the unbereable pain and the truama of it would there be any permenet effects after, like memory loss and or flash back dependind on if there was any after effects

Update 2:

consedering if the person had to be told of such an event by a parent and that person that had this happened to them already had nightmares of random things for years to come but cand remember 4-8yrs old the time period when it supposedly happened and 8 when that person was removed from the situation and person

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    Its not the hymen breaking itself that causes memory loss, its the trauma of the event. If you remained innocent about it and it wasnt a traumatic event, you would probably remember... at least until you learned to grow ashamed of it.

    Bottom line, other than the initial pain, any other side effects are psychological.

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    The fact that the fgirl doesn't remember the exact moment that her hymen was torn is nothing to worry about, but I would worry about the apparent four years without memories. Kids don't have a lot of memories from such a young age (4), but 8 certainly is old enough to remember such an event. The nightmares are also disturbing. She should see a psychologist.

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    There is no effects to breaking your hymen, you were just so little you probably didnt remember!

  • there isntthat much of an effect except it wont break when your older!i hope this didnt happen to you when you were little?if it did you shud tell some1!?anyways none of my business lol goodluck hun.xoxoxoxo

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    what? i don't understand the question....

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