i did not start my period this month but i have never did "it" what can cause this?

Well.. i am eleven and i started my period 2 years ago (family thing) and it didnt come this month i never did "IT" what can cause this last few times its been late/short could something cause this? Please i need to know.

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    1 decade ago
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    ok, so you said you started it 2 years ago. this also happens to me. It's not very serious and it'll be alright. Have you told someone? just try to worry a lot. i dont know what causes this but i know that everyone is different, so just make sure you keep a calender and mark when it happens and you'll start to get used to it if it happens more frequently. that's what i've done ever since i've started my period. you arent alone! :)

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    It is totally normal at your age to have irregular periods. Especially when you haven't had sex yet so you definitly know your not pregnent. Having late/early periods is fine and missing a couple is generally okay too but if you find that you start missing a few months you should probably talk to someone about it,like a doctor or trusted adult. ( like your mother or and older sister)

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