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Singing Confidants...........................................????????????

i have always loved to sing and act but i have no confidence in either but its worse with singing i wont sing in front of anyone and i only sing when im in the house on my own just in cases someone hears me. i need confidence fast help!!!!!!

yours truthfully Rxy

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    If you dont' have confidence, you simply can't do it. If you love it, find the confidence. I remember in 4th and 5th grade being like that too. I would simply be too shy to sing, and i wasn't very good. Suddenly, 6th grade i was blessed with a voice. First time i stepped on stage, i just stood still, moved a little, and sang. But I felt it, felt my belonging on that stage. It has to be natural, and it has to be a talent first of all to be on stage.

    Confidence also takes practice. I was never truly natural and comfortable on stage until this year, 8th grade. First, it took singing around the people who love me like family and friends. Then, multiple performances on stage in front of hundreds of people. I did this around 25 times. But what i told myself was, i'm never going to see them again so why the heck not. Since it's your first few times, you're always gonna be nervous no matter what.

    have confidence in yourself, with yourself, and with friends and family. Let confidence build

    hope this help but i sorta rambled


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    if you don't naturally have it, then you probably never will.

    for me, when i step onstage, i KNOW that's where i belong and know in my mind that nobody does it better than i do.

    i also keep in mind the fact that the crowd in the venue paid and came to see ME, not the other way around.

    just do it. if you are confident in your ability, it will show through. if you aren't, well, then that will show through even more. stage presence isn't something you can teach yourself or learn. you either have it or you don't. i've seen this hold true more than a few times in the 20+ years i've been performing live.

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    Well, I used to be the same way w/ this stuff. The best idea I can think of is to practice. Once you think you're good enough, sing! It's not hard! N' you're probably good at it anyway. Just believe in yourself.

    Source(s): I'm a singer
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