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Why am i socially awkward around my friends all of a sudden?

This is really weird. I all of a sudden started being awkward around my friends and everyone. Its like i have nothing to talk about. we would talk for a little bit then it would silent until everyone wanted to go home. Also when just my friends hang out, they say they have a great time. So i know its me thats not fun. I want to regain my social skills again, but just dont know how to. Like i forget how to act or talk or say stuff anymore to anyone. Even to my family sometimes. Am i getting dumber or something?? Somebody please help

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    How old are you? I think this is common in teen agers or pre teens, as they become more self conscious and worried about what others think about them. I wouldn't worry that it's just you either, don't put yourself down like that. My advice would be to just be yourself and don't worry too much about others. Maybe you need to find some new hobbies or sports to share with your friends, or maybe it turns out that you just don't have a lot in common with your friends and you need to join a club or group an meet new friends who share your interests and passions. I sometimes feel like this with friends that I see all the time. Sometimes we've just run out of things to talk about.

    The following web site has some good advice too.

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    I've grown out of a lot of friends. You may be getting older and gaining new interests that don't parallel theirs. Don't sweat it. You don't have to abandon your existing friends, but you may want to look for people with interests that coincide with yours. If you have activities that you like to do, look for groups or organizations that pertain to that activity and get into a chat room or participate in an event that is organized around it that is open to the public. Volunteering at an event can get you talking to other people with the same interests.

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    at first, ask your self the way you're around your loved ones. Are you outgoing? humorous? Talkative? If confident, it is in all possibility as a results of fact you're very gentle around them. you are able to desire to channel that gentle feeling and allow your self to take part in conversations with human beings. upload to the communication. What are your evaluations? recommendations? Be beneficial. maximum individuals does no longer delight in a damaging voice of their communication. next, discover out what your pastimes are. Do you like a undeniable game? Do you like performs and theatre? Are you into artwork? enhance on what your pastimes are, yet no longer in a phony way. discover your actual pastimes and study extra approximately them. become knowledgable. do no longer hassle if human beings will think of this interest is new or coming abruptly. in case you like it, whilst you're particularly involved in it, do no longer hassle approximately human beings's recommendations. Strike up communication on your type. it may start up off straightforward. Get on the brink of one or 2 human beings. enable them to get to comprehend you. tutor them which you're a sort guy or woman. many cases shy is interpreted to indicate aloof or rude, even. I, for one, view shy human beings as scared, afraid of being judged, and awkward. that's in many cases the case, in spite of the undeniable fact that, you are able to tutor those people who you will possibly must be pals with which you're a great guy or woman. according to possibility you proportion an interest with somebody which you probably did no longer comprehend that they had. yet another factor to bear in mind is, are not getting discouraged in case you do no longer click with the 1st few human beings you attempt to befriend. according to possibility the prettiest, funniest, maximum well-known guy or woman isn't a sturdy extra healthful. it is a cool guy or woman no one has taken the time to get to comprehend yet. entering into "cliques" would be difficult. you are able to finally end up taking section in the employer of much less "unique", extra right down to earth human beings. purely bear in mind, be beneficial, be your self, and relax. there is probably no would desire to concern being judged. no one is reading issues such as you think of. :)

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    This happens to me , maybe you need a change of friends for a while . people can grow apart from people.

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    it happens but you will grow out of it probally

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