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Going to the beach on my period...?

On Saturday my family (including other relatives) are planning a trip to the beach, and that's when im supposed to get my period. I don't know what to do because if i tell my mom i have my period, she will tell everyone, (she tells everyone my business even if i tell her not to.) That will cause embarassment for me so i can't let her know i have my period. I don't want to use a tampon because they scare me, lol, so dont tell me to use a tampon. What should I do? Should I make up an excuse that my friend invited me over that day? I can't use the excuse that im sick cuz i was sick all last week so that would seem suspicious if i became sick again. Or should I just chance it and go and hope that my period comes later?

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    I think you should go! You can still have fun even if you're on your period! (I've done that before) Just wear comfy clothes & pads. I guess you don't have to mention it to mom if you know she's gonna embarrass you.

    ^^& NO you don't "have to start using tampons sooner or later" That's a choice some females feel comfortable using them, others don't & never do!

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    well you could make other plans with a friend if you really didn't want to go. you're going to have to use tampons sooner or later...i don't know how old you are, but it might be time to start, even if the thought scares you right now. you could always go to the beach and not wear a swimsuit, but everyone would know that you were on your period then too (although they probably wouldn't say anything if they're decent.)

    i guess the 3 options are: make alternate plans, don't wear a swimsuit, or start using tampons.

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    How about you try not to be embarrassed about something that every woman has. also talk to your mom about how her big mouth hurts you, that is so rude! When you finally start with tampons you will wish you had used them all along!

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    I Suggest tell your mother and really pesuade her to not to tell everyone..if she does you no you will just tell your mother i have my period and i have cramps.."Can you plan it another day?" or "Can i stay here and go to a friends house?"

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    well go & if you get your period, don't going swimming!

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