Question on Amphibian Depopulation?

Hiya guys, I'm not well versed in the field, so please bear with me if I don't phrase this properly.

On various documentaries we hear of amphibian populations world wide being threatened by some sort of virus. Sounds to be quite serious, since amphibians seem to be a large link in the food chain in some areas.

Now, a question about the virus involved. I heard on one show that the virus which is so wide spread and dangerous was accidentally spread by researchers themselves, that ecological calamity was caused by scientists and researchers themselves. Is this really true? I'm not trying to blame the scientists or researchers, as it is probably just an unfortunate and unintended happenstance.

But, what's the real story?


PS, see not ALL my postings are inciting or incendiary. ;o)





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    1 decade ago
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    The problems I've heard about were UV irradiation because of the ozone layer, damage from trematodes, stress from fertilizer being washed into the water, and a fungus. Viruses are something new to me, although I must admit that I have not been following the problem all that closely.

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