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How do you describe a scary doll?

I am writing a horror story about a girl that gets trapped inside a china doll which goes round killing young girls for revenge. What do you think are some effective scary things to describe the doll to make it seem really scary, like any good adjectives and typical characteristics that i should include?

thankyou :)

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    Glaring eyes that follow you around the room, creepy facial expression.

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    here write this " a doll hat had grungy black and red hair and one eye hanging out of the socket. the dress was an old black prom dress that was torn halv off one foot is compleatly twisted the other is normal and when she talks you hear a littile girls voice but also a dark and deep voice. " booooo yaaaa creeeeeepy lol jk

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    hmm long black hair...big red eyes...a permanant smile on her face...really pale...holding a bloody knife? XD

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