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Help on a Jazz Hip Hop Dance?

Help on a Jazz Hip Hop Dance?

My sister and I are making a jazz dance to "OMG" by Usher feat. During the part where they say, this was something special, this was just like dynamite. We don't know what to do, but we want it to be something big and proud, or something... :) Any other ideas to finish the dance are appreciated.

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    Firstly "You Tube" is a good place to look, however if you'd prefer the more personal and original touch then take inspiration from your surroundings. This can be hard so to make it simpler: A well used technique that looks good and makes a nice effect in comparison to the rest of the dance is to have a slow-mo bit. Also, if on the line "This was just like dynamite" you could do an impression of an explosion between the two of you, then giving you an nice entry to "fall" on the floor and do some dancing there. :) hope it helps

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    I started hip hop and joined jazz 3 weeks into my first year of dance. I love them both and think you should pick one and try it, if you don't like it try the other one. Some studios let you try a class for free, see about doing that to help you make up your mind. Both are a lot of fun, and all you need are clothes you can move in, sneakers or jazz shoes and a bottle of water.

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    I see a big leap or turn depending on what you have leading up to it. Without seeing a video of what you have so far it's hard to suggest endings.

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    pirouette (1), land in second (2) with right had on hip, push right shoulder forward (and 3), head isolation to the left (and 4), jump to parallel 1st facing right corner with arms in high"V" (5) (punch it!), chase (6), saute tombe (7), afrocuban (8) (jump in attitude (back leg) front leg straight and back arched)

    hope it helps =]

    Source(s): pre-pro dancer, choreographer
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