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What do YOU have planned for the 4th of July ?


Im thinking about doing a pan of barbecue ribs. What about you......

Update 2:

Here we are again. Summer is in full

swing. You have hot weather, rain,

misquitoes, ants, grape vines, berries,

tall grass, flowers, barbecues, beaches. You name it, it is there.

What do you think about Independence

Day, and how are you going to celebrate it.............

Update 3:

Baseball, beer, and lets see.

Fried fish. Now you are talking. =)

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    Golf then a pool party and barbeque and my house.

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    I thought of maybe doing a night in Chicago. For now, I do have some golf planned with a friend (well, it is more of an excuse to drive a go kart and drink beer.) I might head a little south and have dinner/drinks with another friend and his wife. For the most part, no big plans.

    Hey Mabel, you could come across the pond an enjoy some fireworks with us Yanks. Bring along some fine English ale please.

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    I am doing my annual July 4th weekend Brew-B-Que on Saturday. 75 lbs. of meat, cases of home brew, 2 bands and a bunch of friends and family. After clean up heading to the Adirondacks with my daughter to do some climbing for a few days. Looking forward to a whole mess of fun!

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    We don't celebrate it in the UK.

    Edit: Its a deal, and I'll bring some pork pie too. Can't have a party without pork pie!

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    The 3 B's.

    Beer, Brats & Baseball (on the radio).

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  • Conan have friend visit from west coast. We play either death golf or murder tennis. We also drink way too much for friend but exact right amount for Conan.

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    I'm flying with my parents to Chicago. I'm really excited. I've never been there.

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    absolutely nothing as im not american.

    any plans for january 26? (australia day)

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    I intend to celebrate my independence from males by having my bf cook and clean the dishes afterwards (he is not a big earner).

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