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Should I call the cops for animal cruelty?

About an hour ago I looked out my office window only to see that someone has left a large labrador retriever inside a kennel in the back of their pickup. It's near 95 here today and horribly humid. This sight is really bothering me. Can someone tell me if this is illegal? Also should I call the cops?


Fear not everyone I've called animal control and the situation has been taken care of. Though being the only person with a view of this truck from my office, I'm afraid this will cause trouble for me. Oh well.

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    Yes, it is illegal for obvious reasons. If I were you, I would call 911, neither dogs nor humans can survive very long under those conditions. The 911 operator can dispatch either a police car or someone with the Animal Protection unit. How are you going to live with yourself if you just stand by and do nothing. Since you're in an office building and not the only one who can see the truck, you won't even have to worry about retaliation from the dog owner. I'm sure whatever authority comes will only say they received a complaint from your building. Call right now, there's nothing the dog can do to help himself/herself.

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    Call animal control. And technically they have done nothing wrong. It depends on the state laws. some times you are not allowed to leave an animal in the back of your truck unless they are kenneled. I understand its hot. maybe you should go out side and give the dog some water.

    way number 2 is to go out side your self and take the dog. it's not stealing. It's being responsible. leave a note to the owner saying that you have their dog and to give you a call when they have decided to be responsible.

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    Call the SPCA, and take the poor dog some water.

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    not a huge fan of dogs, but that is pretty messed up. i would call your local precinct and ask them what you should do. i wouldn't necessarily call 911 though.

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