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I'm trying to buy a new macbook topcase for a really low price..I'm wondering whether these sites are reliable?

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  • John
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    1 decade ago
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    Hey you can visit below link you can find more options here

    Amazon is the best cheapest place to buy and great deal :

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    in the journey that your mothers and fathers in many circumstances spend some million,000$ on you on your birthday and yuletide blended, then perhaps you may desire to ask them if that is your in basic terms modern. If it extremely is plenty for them to spend, recommend doing chores for no allowances (in case you earn an allowance), or get a small babysitting pastime that may not intrude with college. Promise them that your college artwork will stay precise of the line km phrases or grades and such. perhaps grant a "speech" to them approximately why you truthfully need it. Homework may be typed up on any laptop, even sluggish and old ones. despite if, once you're into paintings training, media training, or maybe vocal events as you have pronounced, Macs somewhat are a competent investment. They final longer, are plenty extra stable, and that they have great classes for media and humanities. enable them to be attentive to that it is not in basic terms a working laptop or laptop, yet a gadget for college which will instruct you a thank you to for here few years, besides as in college. I have been given an unique Macbook white in 9th grade... and that's been so great. i've got had it for pretty much 7 years, and that's nevertheless chugging alongside. I nevertheless use it for Adobe classes, so permit your mothers and fathers be attentive to this ingredient will final you a protracted time in laptop years. determine you're style, and in the event that they say no, take care of it like a grown up.. no suits or pouting or getting indignant and stressful solutions. which will in basic terms improve the NO. Who is conscious.... in case you're taking a no with grace, they might re-evaluate that determination via your birthday, in case you stay to blame and respectful :)

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