Home surveillance with my security cameras?

Ok i have cameras in my house i want to know how i can acsess them if i go away on vacation and see if there is anything going on in my house like if someone is stealing or something ? I want to know where i can get this or how actually both but yeah please help! Is it a program ? something i sign up for online or what ... and i am not talking about the webcam security i have actual security cameras around my home please help!


wait the cameras are hooked up but not to the computers ...

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    Not sure of your hardware setup, but some freeware items might be able to take those images and post them to a website, where you can watch.

    On the other hand, watching 'live' casts can be time consuming, and you may consider 'saving' all 'motion detected' camera activity to a computer hard drive, and then access those archived as time permits.

    That would be handy in the event of some criminal activity which requires evidence.

    There's a couple of freeware items here, so pick and choose.


    Added: Where/how do you currently watch the cameras?

    There may be a USB/firewire port, which could be (maybe) connected to a computer, which could be configured to access the video.

    Consult your current camera system manual to see if it's possible.

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    Hire a computer guy, you can probably set them to stream to some online site(if you dont want snoopers make sure its private) Which, so long as you have an internet connection, you can see.

    Past that though... I dont think its neccasary? You seeing it wont stop it from happening, the stuff will be gone when you get back regardless and the recording will be there. its best to relax and enjoy your vacation.

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    yes there is away of doing it. you dial into the cameras online you will need to speak to your security provider if they dont no how to do it then go elesewhere you can defo do it

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    go to www.techcctv.com or give them a call they helped me with my security system

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