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i just got braces and a herbst device yesterday and i cant eat anything...?

i just got them on and the bars get in the way and pull on my teeth when i chew...i took aleve and advil but nothing is helping the things they cemented to my teeth are getting jerked when i chew because the bars and it feels like my tooth is just going to rip out...has anyone else had this? please help!!??

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    When you first get them on, the braces are majorly pulling on teeth that arent used to resistance like that. So they will be sore, pretty badly for at least a few days with most people. Sometimes longer, sometimes not. Depends on how much the teeth need to move. The more they're moved, the more sore they'll be for longer. But dont worry, eventually the pain subsides, and the pain you get after each tightening is only minor discomfort.

  • I got braces june 21st and now they don't anymore just give it sometime it will go away

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