I'm a guy who likes to look at muscle mags. My girlfriend really freaks out at this, and?

she recently threw away my whole collection while I was at work. Now she asking me if I'm gay. DOes appreciating the human form make you gay? What should I do about this? I was thinking about getting engaged to her, but if this is what I have to look forward to...


Falaskan: I don't agree. Not unless you're saying that all those chicks who read fashion mags are lezzes. Or girls who comment on facebook about how hot each other looks.

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    That's not cool man...she can't throw your belongings without you knowing. So f***ing what if there were dudes in magazines, I'm gay and my boyfriend doesn't even bother if I watch girls in playboy or wherever that's just to possessive and controlling behaviour she's having.

    I advise you to have a talk with her about her attitude and insecurities that she's having because if you're straight man watching those magazines you're sure one of the guys that is confident in their sexuality.

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    my bf does the same thing, i wouldnt say he's "freaking out" over it but he looks and says sometimes he wants to work out n get like some of them..he looks thru the mags often tho..i have no problem with it.. because he doesnt do it much when im around, and he gives me all the attention i need.

    i think ur girl needs some more attention from u instead of you "obsessing"(as she may think it is) over the mags. look at the mags in ur spare time when she's not around. if u really need to look at it when ur with her, try get her to look at it with u and pick out the body she thinks looks best..or pick out a body of how she'd want u to look lol (unless she's satisfied with ur body just the way it is)

    also, do u compliment her on HER body? tell her often that u think she's sexy and how much u appreciate her body...she may feel a bit neglected cuz ur freakin out over men's bodies and her body is right there.

    id say either look at the magazines when she's not around, or turn up the attention giving a few more notches so she doesnt feel like she's competing with men in a book.

    and no, appreciating the human form doesnt make u gay, unless ur using it as a porn magazine and "Getting off" lol but u didnt say thats what you were doing so there should be no problem in that area

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  • Troy H
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    I don't think your relationship is going to work. Throwing your stuff out isn't acceptable.

    Artists study the human form so they can draw it. Bodybuilders study the human form so they can work on their own body. And looking at the human form can be a pleasant pastime. Besides, 99% of muscle mags have a definite heterosexual slant. There is no reason at all that she should think you are gay just because you're looking at them.

    I suggest you inform her that it isn't ok to throw your stuff away no matter what she thinks.

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    Freaking out over muscle magazines is a little over the top. Many, many men admire the physical perfection of others and aspire to be like them. It's a health thing, not a gay thing. It seems like this chick is just insecure of her hold on you but overreacting like that over something so simple as a magazine is pretty over-the-top. I'd sit her down and explain that you didn't sign up for additional drama and that if she wants to continue with you she needs to A) Stop throwing your sh*it away and B) work on her insecurities about herself and you.

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  • Anonymous
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    Talk to her, and simply explain to her what the magazines mean for you and why you like them. Tell her how if you were gay you wouldnt be going out with her. Make sure you make her understand that, and that you love her. This might just be one of those bumps in the road so just talk it out and hope for the better.

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    that is not cool. but I think if you have a lot of those magazines and really "appreciate" the near naked male model body you see in all those magazines, that is one step away from being gay. But you have to be honest with yourself about why you like looking at their bodies so much.

    EDIT: Interesting comment matt. I will have to think about that. I just do the same thing as you but Im gay. haha

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    At a quick glance, yeah, this is probably for the rest of your life. I'd be pretty worried if somebody I was dating felt they had the right to throw out my property.

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    if she's throwing out your stuff and mad at you for one little thing like that then she probably isnt right for you to marry. i dont think your gay

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