Should I show up on his date with the girl he's cheating on me with?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost five years now. I'm 19 and he's 18. Sure we're young but we've been through so much together. Please don't give me the "your too young speach." I love him so much. I've caught him in small lies before but finally I think he's cheating. He told me that he's going out with the boys tonight but according to his facebook messages (yeah yea F*** privacy) he is going on a date with a girl at 8. I know the time and place he'll be there. Should I show up?


If I do show up should I act like it was an accidental run in or like I knew the entire time?

I don't want to bring another guy cz then it'll look like I'm no better than him.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah I think you should. Show up at 8:15ish or something so they don't run if they spot you before you spot them. Pretend you didn't know anything, and you just went there to hang out.

    Actually, this girl might not even know you guys are together. You may want to let her in on that, just in case!

    Hope all goes well. And that really sucks about your boyfriend.

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    Yup. You have the right. Hes YOUR man and youve gotta fight for him. but i wouldnt take him back if i were you. i realize you love him, and he probubley loves you but he isnt treating you right and you deserve much better. The best of luck. Act like you knew the whole time. be like "oh funny seeing you here!" in a voice dripping with sarcasm. again best of luck.

    -Charityy <3

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    Yes you should go!

    See if he really is cheating on you, but before freaking out just see if he really is cheating then just say you were going there for a girls night out. If he's cheating, end it.

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    Yeah, i hate cheaters, take another guy with you that he doesnt know too.

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