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How Do You Make Your Own Beer?

My husband has decided that he would like to make his own beer and I'd like to do a little research beforehand to see if this is something that is viable to do in your own home.

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    You most definitely can make your own beer at home. I've been doing so for years.

    Ok, first of all, do a yahoo search to see if you can find any local brew supply stores. I have one about 4 miles from where I live, so I'm darn lucky. Otherwise, the great thing about the internet is that you can buy all of your supplies online. Your husband can get started for about $100-$150 and that includes all the supplies and the beer kit.

    Pretty much what he will need is the following:

    Drinking water (usually about 5 gallons)

    Pot to boil the ingredients (around 20 quarts)

    Plastic bucket that seals well and has a hole in it for an airlock



    Auto Siphon

    Large mixing spoon

    Bottles. About 48-55 is a good start but do not buy the screw top kind. Brown are best.

    Caps for bottles

    Sanitizer (some use bleach but I prefer C-Brite or B-Brite.


    Beer kit.

    Without going into too much detail, the beer kit will give you all the instructions you will need. Of course with anything, there are beginner kits, intermediate kits, and at some point if your husband really gets into this, he can buy individual ingredients. If he were to start today, he could be drinking his first homemade beer in about one month. I could layout all the particulars of how I make my own beer at home but instead, I'd recommend that you check out this website for more details... http://howtomakeyourownbeerathome.info/

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    I prefer tequila but making beer is much easier.

    The things used to make beer are grain which most usually is malted barley and sometimes wheat. Some beers use millet, sorghum, corn, or rice. The main kicker flavor is from the hops which can be bitter but flowery too. Then there is the water and our friend the yeast which actually makes the alcohol.

    @ home we can use a malted extract which, is a syrup made from the malted barley grain. This is added to a large pot of boiling water. Soon the hops are added and boil for an average time of 1 hour. This must be cooled to about room temperature for an ale before the yeast can be added. The faster the cooling the better. The sweet-bitter wort is put in a tub or old water bottle called a carboy to be fermented. We add the yeast and place an airlock which is a devise to keep the air out but allows the CO2 gas to escape. In a week it is beer but it is best to transfer to a second carboy allow it to clear for another week or two. From here it can be put into bottles or a small keg.

    Some home brewers can make the malted extract themselves. This takes more time and labor but it make s a good beer. You need to build or buy a tub called a mash tun to put the malted barley, that has been mixed with hot water (150F), to rest for something like an hour. This mash tun should be fitted with a false bottom somehow to allow the liquid wort to be separated from the used grain husk. When it has been separated the boil with the hops begins just like in the extract brewing above.

    There are so many books and web sites that will help you I would not worry. Just search beer or brewing or mashing, or homebrewing beer and you will find plenty of information to guide you. You can get what you need from a local beer & wine supply store or even from online.

    Here is one example, notice the 'kit' on this first page. Many of these kits are fitted to begin your first brew anytime you are ready but you may still need a boil pot and carboy. They should make sure that you have a hydrometer and the supplies for bottling the beer too.


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    Not only is it viable, it is easy and fun. And, you can make some great beer. Talk to the people at a local homebrew supply store if you have one. They should be very helpful, informative, and encouraging. Check out BrewYourOwn.com for some good resources and instructions for free.Also John Palmer wrote a book titled How To Brew,the entire contents of which he has posted online. It may seem like a lot of work when you first read instructions on brewing a batch, but it isn't that hard and just gets easier with every batch. For supplies online, including kits, check out Northern Brewer, Williams Brewing, or Beer,Beer, and More beer.

    Source(s): Home brewing for 3 years now and loving it!
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    i can tell you for sure.. it is definitely a house project. my next door neighbors brewed their own beer for 4 years. they actually had a hops garden in their backyard also, but you could just buy your own hops to take the easy way out.

    its not that hard at all and only takes a few weeks i believe.. so let him go for it!

    check out the site below for details on ingredients required and equipment required

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    They sell Kits to make your own beer, my brother has been doing it for years. I'm not sure where you can buy them though, check online.

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