In online dating, what should be the reponse to "I would like to get to know you"?

On an online dating site, one girl send me a message -> "I liked your profile and you seem a great guy. I would like to get to know you"

Now I have no idea what should be a good response for this. Please help me


KKAKAKAK is right. I never dated in my life. Still I would like to know what a standard reply should be.

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    1 decade ago
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    What about "Hey, what's up?" Then ask her some sort of question about something in her profile, e.g. if she says she has a dog, ask her what kind of dog she has. If she says she likes the outdoors, ask her if she plays any sports. Keep it friendly and not too personal. She'll probably send you a message back, hopefully with a good answer you can follow up on and a question about you. Then maybe you'll chat online a bit. If you ever get stalled for conversation tactics, refer to this list:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol i bet you have never been with a girl before xD

    just tell her what you want to tell her ;)

    and dude look at her profile before you make your move sometimes. chicks in online dating site are really ugly trust me i know xD

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