Which ACC was sunk first? The Wasp, or the Hornet? (Both U.S. Ships)?

I get these two confused all the time. there both named after bugs. Anyway, I know the wasp was hit by 9 torpedos, and was still afloat, but the U.S. Finished it off. (It was obviously trashed.) Anyway, Which was sunk first?

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    U.S.S. Wasp was sunk on Sept. 15, 1942 by IJN sub I-19 . Six torpedoes were fired at Wasp, but only three hit the carrier. One other hit O'Brien and one hit North Carolina.Wasp was sunk by U.S. topedoes. Five were shot, three hit , and two were duds.

    U.S.S. Hornet was sunk Oct. 26, 1942, during the battle of Santa Cruz, by Japanese planes.

    The world's first aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Langley, was also the first U.S. carrier sunk in World War II, sunk by Japanese planes on Feb. 27, 1942.

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    Wasp, Sept. 1942, Solomon Islands

    Hornet, Oct.1942, Santa Cruz Islands.

    p.s. the correct military abbreviation for a fleet carrier in WWII is CV.

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    The USS Hornet(CV-8) was brand new in April of 42' when she delivered Jimmy Doolittle's famous raid on Tokyo and on her first deployment.She was sunk in October 42'

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