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What type of meat cuts are suitable for stewing?

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  • Dave C
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    1 decade ago
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    For beef, you want a less tender cut. Look for the words like Chuck, Round, Blade, Pot Roast, 7 bone. Personally, I like a Chuck roast or a 7-bone (which is also from the chuck).

    Things to keep in mind - round tends to be leaner and when stewed the meat is drier and more fiborous (not in a bad way) while chuck has more marbling which leads to less dryness.

    For pork is more forgiving, but I would use country style ribs or boston butt (which is actually from the shoulder. A loin roast would work too. You just don't need to cook as long.

    For chicken, I generally use a whole chicken. If you buy parts, thighs stay tender with stewing due to the higher fat content. Breast will work but will get stringy if stewed/braised too long.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Bottom round roast, or shoulder roast.

    They also have pre-package stew meat. Stew meat is usually tougher, therefore is great for stewing to break down the connective tissue and fibers.

  • mark
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    1 decade ago

    Chuck, Short Ribs, Oxtail, Shank, brisket are the best

  • 1 decade ago

    Chuck (shoulder meats) are fatty, tuff and full of grissel. Must cook a long time.

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