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check for scam asking for western union?

there is a car for sale in spain but would like western union payment through ebay agent would this be laggit/fraud

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    1 decade ago
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    western union usually spells fraud in the case of most auctions & ebay.

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    it's a scam. Ebay doesn't have agents and doesn't accept Western Union. Anyone asking you to pay through Western Union is always a scam.

    Ebay is only involved if the car is listed on Ebay, you win the auction, and you pay through Paypal. That's it

    Plus, do you know how expensive it is to import a car from Spain? You are looking at at least $3-4000 in shipping fees, another $2-5000 in customs duty once the car arrives in the US (depending on the value of the car), and you will have to get the entire engine and exhaust system replaced as it would not meet US emissions standards. Don't believe anyone who says they are paying for shipping - they aren't.

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    There is no "eBay agent" that uses western union for car sales from other countries. Scammers just use eBay's company name to lure you in. You will send money and the recipient will disappear.

    NEVER buy a car you don't see first and have a mechanic check out.

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    5 years ago

    I am prejudiced. I am an African and the Nigerian crime syndicates control most of the crime on our continent. Most of the woman languishing in jails after being bust for drug smuggling were wooed and trained as drug mules by charming Nigerians. There may be a sort of innocent reason why your boyfriend asked you to collect the money and have it received in your name. He may be an illegal immigrant and his passport wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny by the Western Union People. There may be a more sinister reason. What worries me is the source of the money. Have a look at the money laundering legislation in your country. $6 000 is a lot of cash and if it came from a dubious source you could be in trouble. The other way that you could be in trouble is if you received the cash in your name you may be bust by the tax offices for undeclared income. The whole affair sounds very fishy. He has got you to do something that you are uncomfortable with and if he has read the “wrong” recruiting manuals the next step would be to blackmail you into doing something more illegal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    usually if the only form of payment accepted through ebay is western union its a scam and dont fall for it. i wouldnt got through with it

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    1 decade ago

    Never send anything Western Union to someone you don't know. That is a big red flag for scam.

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    This sounds like a beautiful scam.

    Daily people are on here complaining about how they got scammed just like you are about to.

    Thank you for being skeptical and using yahoo answers.

    Never, under any circumstances buy a car unless you can see it first, and hand the person the cash.


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