what should i do for back to school ?

i need a new look for school. im 13 almost 14 and im going into the 8th grade. im thinking about getting the marylyn Monroe piercing but im not sure if i should. and i kinda want to try wearing heels this year but im afraid that i'll chicken out of wearing them by that morning of the first day of school. or i'll want to stop wearing them in the middle of the year because my friends wont be wearing them. well put it this way i want to dress more dressy. but still wear hollister and abercrombie. but maybe more of american eagle. i also want to be more fit when i go back and i also want too have way better skin but i don't know what kind of skin care i should use that will actually work. any advice?

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  • 1 decade ago

    One: Don't get the monroe piercing. Even if you can somehow talk your parents into agreeing to it (because there is no reputable piercing studio that will punch holes in a 14-year-old's face without parental consent), it'll f*ck up your gums, and you don't want to ruin your smile, do you? Plus if you decide you don't want it anymore, or it gets infected, the scar it leaves behind looks like a pimple. Sexy! Not.

    Two: Don't wear heels. You're 14, there's plenty of time left in your life for you to misalign your pelvis and f*ck up your ankles and knees. Besides, there is one and only one reason a woman wears high-heeled shoes: they make her legs and bum look *awesome.* Wait until you're 17. 16 at the very least. You don't need to be showing off how awesome your legs and butt look now; you're still a child.

    Three: Wanting to dress more "grown up" is noble, but you're *fourteen.* You're not fooling anyone. Maybe start wearing a few skirts or some nicer tops every so often, but don't try dressing all business casual. It'll look silly on you.

    Four: To be more fit, start exercising and eating better. Exercise doesn't have to be the killer workout at the gym five days a week; just a 30-minute walk every day, combined with eating less and making sure what you do eat is mostly whole fruits and vegetables, whole-wheat bread products, and white meat like chicken or fish.

    Five: What's wrong with your skin now, and what have you tried? We can't recommend any skincare without that information. My sister (15) has moderate acne and uses Proactiv, which works pretty well, but she also loads her hair with all kinds of product that runs off onto her face and back and gives her more pimples. I'm 19, don't put anything in my hair and if I wear makeup it's a little bit of eyeliner, and my skin is and has been clear all my life.

  • Don't get monroe piercing PLEASE! It's not hot or cool....well if your like 18 it is. It ruins your teeth and whatever the first person said.

    Get a second piercing in your ear or maybe a small nose piercing,

    Don't wear heels....seriously, your only 14. Wear flats if you wanna go all girly. Shiny flats, flats with buckles, converse are dressy (sorta), flip slops even.

    Wear more accessories, like hoop earrings, necklaces on necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, headbands, clips....

    Put on nailpolish.

    Wear more skirts, like denim skirts or...


    Shop at Forever 21. They have lots of dressy stuff. Maybe you can wear dresses ( not too short or tight, kinda casual)

    Sorta like this...


    For your fitness, eat healthy, lay off the junk food, excercise....pretty simple use


    for help

    For Glowing Skin


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