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Pride and Prejudice plot question?

In Pride and Prejudice, what does Mr. Bennett do to try to find Lydia (when she elopes with Wickham)? At first Mr. Bennett allows Lydia to go see the officers, but after Lydia elopes, he goes after her. How does he plan to catch up with Lydia and Wickham? What is his 'plan'?

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    He knows that Lydia and Wickham stopped to changed coaches in a town called Clapham but no one knew where they went from there. Mr. Bennett journeyed to Clapham to see if he could question inn keepers and stable boys to figure out where Lydia and Wickham had gone next. When he found no information there he could only assume they had gone to London but had no idea where to find them. The Uncle and Mr. Bennett then proceeded to check some of the more prominent hotels in London looking for Lydia and Wickham. The uncle wrote to Elizabeth to see if she knew of any relations to Wickham who they may be staying with....all of this to no avail.

    Of course the plan was to find the 2 lovers and make sure they were married and if they weren't they would force marriage. And if they refused Mr. Bennett probably would've had to fight Wickham to save his daughters honor. Mrs. Bennett alludes to this and is terrified Wickham will kill Mr. Bennet.

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    They know Lydia ad Wickham stayed in London so they were staying in London trying to search for them, When he found them I believe he would take Lydia and then talk to Wickham about how he has to marry her. Of course Mrs. Bennett was scared he would fight him :) It doesn't really tell you his "plan" I'm just guessing.

    Mr. Bennett (what's his name, sorry, haven't read it in a while) thought that "their friends" were going to watch her and they did but she snuck off anyway. Sorry if I didn't help!

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