My period isn't due for another week?

I have been ttc for a while now and notice that for the last couple of day when I have sex with my boyfriend my uterus feels tight and I know what it feels like to have sex when your pregnant because I have a child and remember every bit of my pregnancy. I do remember experiencing this with my first pregnancy. I just don't remember it being this early.

DO you think this could be a sign?

Thanks :)

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    1 decade ago
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    I felt my uterus growing harder before I missed my period with #2 as well :)

    This could be it my love! Good luck :)

    I didn't feel it with my 3rd(currently 15wks), but with the second child I did. I remember telling my husband a couple days before my missed period that I just 'knew' I was pregnant, he thought I was crazy, but he went and bought the test then and it was positive, like two days before my period was supposed to start.

  • The only way to know for sure is to wait till you have a missed period and take a pregnancy test. Or you could go see your doctor and have him run some blood tests.

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    no way to know till your period is late and you can test, it could be an early symptom, or unfortunately since youre ttc you could be reading more into it and seeing symptoms that arent totally there

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    take a pregnancy test, good Luck!

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